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Hello there! If you are reading this, you are probably among the many who are curious, confused and maybe even optimistic about blockchains and cryptocurrency and might want some simplified information on these topics. Regardless of what brought you here though, we are thrilled that you made it and we are excited to be journeying down the proverbial “blockchain rabbit hole” with you. Before we get started though, we think some introductions are in order.

We are Blockteq and our organizational goal is to provide equal access to unbiased information on blockchains and cryptocurrency in a simplified, yet accurate format. The foundational belief held by Blockteq is that blockchain technology can be used as a powerful tool to create new and more socially equitable systems. Our perspective is that existing financial, political, and social systems are not serving the needs of the majority of the population, but instead, they serve the needs of an elite few. We don’t think that this is because these systems are malicious by nature, but rather that this is because the foundations that these systems are built on preventing equitable access, and that these flawed foundations lead to inevitably flawed systems. Blockteq believes that by using a blockchain as a new foundation, many of these systems can be reconstructed to serve everyone rather than just a few privileged people.

The name “Blockteq” is a combination of the words “blocktech” (a common shorthand for blockchain technology) and “equity” and was chosen to represent why we are so passionate about this technology. The core belief that blockchain technology can be a powerful tool to build more socially equitable systems has spurred our mission of providing free and equitable access to information on the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. This type of practical, unbiased information is something we feel that the blockchain space is lacking and is the void that we aim to fill.

Today the world of blockchains and cryptocurrency feels like an exclusive club for computer geeks and people who work in finance. We believe that this is because most of the information on these topics is loaded with unnecessarily complicated jargon that leaves people feeling confused and left out, rather than informed and included. This isn’t because blockchains and cryptocurrency are actually all that hard to use or understand, but because many of the people who make up today’s blockchain ecosystem are also participants in existing systems where confusing and inaccessible information has placed them in positions of power. These people are interested in making blockchains seem way more complicated than they truly are in order to maintain their own power within this new system. Blockteq is here to help ensure that this doesn’t happen.

If blockchains are going to help lay the foundation for new systems, which are truly more equitable and inclusive, then information on blockchain technology has to be provided in a similar manner. Because of this, Blockteq.com now exists as an educational resource to explain blockchain technology as it relates to normal technology users, not just for people who work in tech and finance. So, if you have ever been curious about cryptocurrency, but felt discouraged by some of the existing resources on the topic, we understand your lack of interest and we strive to be a different type of resource. If you want to finally understand blockchains and cryptocurrencies as they relate to you, you’re in the right spot and we hope you will stick around and learn with us.

On blockteq.com you can find a wide array of information about blockchains and cryptocurrency. For practical tutorials on how to buy/sell/store cryptocurrency, look no further than our how-to series. If your curiosity leans more toward understanding how blockchains work and what purpose they serve, check out our in-depth written guide to blockchains and cryptoassets or our video series covering the same topics. For more general information about what’s what within the blockchain ecosystem, you can check out our blog series.

If there are any aspects of blockchains or cryptocurrency that don’t feel simplified or you feel as if we are not touching on, leave us a comment or send us a message, and we will do our best to cover it. Our commitment is to making this information available and digestible to everyone. We can’t accomplish our goals alone, so please keep us informed on how we can provide you with the type of content you need. We are excited to be embarking on a journey to a more socially equitable future full of informed participants. We hope you’ll join us.

Thank you!

Walton, Founder at Blockteq

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