Harrison Perl of C4Coin on How C4Coin is the World’s First Carbon Negative Blockchain

In this episode of Blockteq Talk Harrison Perl, the co-founder and CEO of C4Coin explains how C4Coin is using a blockchain to create a transparent and accountable carbon credit ecosystem. He also explains how C4Coin’s unique Proof of Burn consensus algorithm makes C4Coin the world’s first carbon-negative blockchain, why he believes people will choose to use the C4 network over other networks, how climate change is a social issue, and much more. In addition to Harrison’s rich explanation of C4Coin, he goes into why he is passionate about his work and makes a special announcement!

For more information on consensus algorithms, check out this short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3EFi_POhps

Listen below, on Spotify, or iTunes.

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