David Earl Cat Token

We are tokenizing the company cat!

Blockteq’s official crypto-kitty

The title says it all folks! We are going to tokenize David Earl Cat. Because he is a super rare, cute, 3-year-old cat, we will release 3,000,000 tokens to start and then an additional million for every year of his life. To receive 10,000 free David Earl Cat Tokens ($DECT) simply fill out the contact form below with “DECT” as the subject with a compliment about this majestic beast and your Etheruem address as the body. We will send you your free $DECT tokens when they are ready!

If you don’t have an Ethereum address but still want to claim your David Earl Cat tokens, fear not! To set up an Ethereum wallet for your computer, you can follow our instructions on how to do that here, to set up one for your phone, follow these instructions.

Each $DECT will be worth a proportional value of his cuteness and because of his eventual inevitable passing, $DECT is a deflationary token! Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity!!

Thanks to u/Heringsalat100 for the idea. For their role in the project they get .1 of the initial circulating supply, that’s a whopping 300,000 $DECT!!!

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