How Seedom Helps Non-Profits Raise Money on the Ethereum Blockchain Using a Decentralized Game with Co-Founders Alex Groleau and Kyle Graden.

In this episode of Blockteq Talk, Alex Groleau and Kyle Graden, two of the Co-Founders of Seedom, talk about their decentralized FUNdraising game built on Ethereum. They also drop serious knowledge for non-profits interested in blockchain! They discuss their application, Seedom, what it takes for non-profits to be on-boarded in the blockchain space, the state of Ethereum today, altruism on the blockchain and so much more!

As promised, here is a short list of terms covered in this episode that may be slightly confusing. If you are confused about a term that is not on this list, send us a message here and we will add it!

Sadly, it would seem that seedom is no longer operatonal. You can still find the team on twitter however @seedom_io, and instagram

For information on how to obtain ether to play seedom, check out our tutorial on it here. And for information on how to configure Metamask, the in-browser wallet required to play, check out our turorial on it here.

Listen below, on iTunes, or Spotify!

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