Raphael Gaudreault Explains How Eva Creates a Decentralized Ride-Sharing Platform That Pays Drivers More Than the Competition While Also Being Cheaper for Riders.

In this episode of Blockteq Talk, Raphel Gaudreault, the CTO of Eva explains how their decentralized ride-sharing platform delivers monetary benefits to all of their users. Eva is doing what almost everyone in the blockchain space aspires to do. They have created a decentralized ride-sharing app that works very similarly to traditional ride-sharing apps (like Uber or Lyft) but disrupts the business model in a way that benefits the users, not the company behind the app. In this, he explains exactly how the Eva Coop is set up, how their blockchain platform works, how app users don’t even know that they are using a blockchain, and much more.

Basically, Eva is a blockchain app that embodies the fully disruptive potential of blockchain technology and this episode teaches you everything you need to know about it.

To learn more about the work that Eva is doing, and the technical details of how their decentralized ride-sharing platform works, you can check them out at eva.coop. You can find all of their various social channels linked at the bottom of each page, so make sure to follow them too!

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