About Us

Blockteq, founded in 2018, is the only Asheville based blockchain organization committed to educating about blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and their potential as tools to create more socially equitable systems. To fulfill this commitment, Blockteq’s services exist in three pieces.

The first piece of the services provided by Blockteq is this website, a place where anyone with any background can learn about these technologies for free! We are in the process of turning this site into as comprehensive of a resource on these topics as is possible. Because there is a lot to learn about these topics, the website will be continuously updated over time.

As the second piece of the organization, Blockteq is proud to offer consultations on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency geared towards both individuals, and businesses. Blockteq also offers “full service” consultations for organizations looking to implement a blockchain. Full service consultations include all that is outlined in our executive blockchain consultaions and a custom blockchain solution designed specifically to meet your organizational needs.

Finally, the third piece of our buissness are our speaking services. If you hire Blockteq to speak at an event, Walton, the founder of Blockteq will speak on blockchain technology at any event pertaining to blockchains or social justice. Walton is an experienced public speaker and can create a custom presentaion on blockchain technology as it pertains to your event. Walton is also a trained popular educator with years of experience and loves leading workshops and classes on blockchains, cryptocurrency, and their applications as tools for social change.

Blockteq is excited to be here to answer all the questions you have about blockchain technology and it’s potential to be used as a tool for social equity. If there is anything that you want to learn about blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, or social equity but you don’t find the information on the site, let us know what is missing here and we will add it as soon as possible! You can also use that link to request anything else of your favorite Asheville based blockchain company.

Thank you for giving some of your precious attention to Blockteq! We hope you find it worth your while!

A photo of Walton, The Founder and CEO of Blockteq

Why I Created Blockteq

I created Blockteq because I am deeply passionate about blockchain technology and it's potential to make the world a better place. By helping people learn about this technology, and helping businesses begin to implement it, I hope to help create this change. If you want to participate in making the world a nicer place check out the resources here on Blockteq.com or reach out to me directly, I would love to work together!

--Walton Siler Jones, Founder/CEO at Blockteq