About Us

Blockteq, based in Asheville, NC was founded in 2018 as an organization committed to educating about blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and their potential as tools to create more socially equitable systems. To fulfill this commitment, Blockteq’s services exist in three pieces.

The first piece of the services provided by Blockteq is this website, a place where anyone with any background can learn about these technologies for free! We are in the process of turning this site into as comprehensive of a resource on these topics as is possible. Because there is a lot to learn about these topics, the website will be continuously updated over time.

As the second piece of the organization, Blockteq is proud to offer consultations on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency geared towards both individuals, and businesses. Blockteq also offers “full service” consultations for organizations looking to implement a blockchain. Full-service consultations include an in-depth analysis of your business’s needs by Blockteq and a custom blockchain solution built by On Lab to meet these needs.

Finally, the third piece of our mission to be a complete educational organization is our availability as the perfect addition to any event pertaining to blockchain technology or social justice. Walton, the founder of Blockteq is an experienced public speaker and can present on blockchain technology as it pertains to your event. Walton is also a trained popular educator with two years of experience and can lead a workshop or a class on blockchains, cryptocurrency, and their applications as tools for social change.

Integrated into all of the services we provide and into the core of Blockteq itself is the model of “popular education” as outlined by Paulo Freire in his book The Pedagogy of the Oppressed. Popular education is a style of education based on the idea that everyone has valuable and unique information on every topic based on their unique lived experience. Because of this, to be able to offer a good education on any topic, everyone’s perspective must be taken into consideration through dialogue before any true conclusions on the topic can be drawn. Over the months to come, the website will become increasingly interactive and collaborative to reflect this model and core principal.

Blockteq is excited to be here to answer all the questions you have about blockchain technology and it’s potential to be used as a tool for social equity. If there is anything that you want to learn about blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, or social equity but you don’t find the information on the site, let us know what is missing here and we will add it as soon as possible!

Thank you for giving some of your precious attention to Blockteq! We hope you find it worth your while!