Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Consulting

In addition to the wealth of free information available here on, Blockteq is proud to offer blockchain and cryptocurrency consulting services. We offer these services for both individuals and institutions.

For Individuals

If you are an individual with more questions than this site can answer, or just prefer a more personal touch, you can reach out here to schedule a consultation with Walton, the creator of this site.

During a blockchain consultation, Walton can answer any questions you may have about Bitcoin, Blockchains, or Cryptocurrency and help you cultivate the knowledge and skills required to participate in the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem. Walton has experience providing consultations for a wide array of individuals including people interested in simply learning for the sake of learning, people looking to diversify their retirement portfolio, and even an author of a crime novel! These consultations are for educational purposes only, never contain investment advice and should never be considered as such.

david h, blockchain and cryptocurrency consulting client“Had the good fortune of hiring Walton for assistance on a crime novel I’m writing. I was specifically looking for someone to shed light on the Darknet, TOR anonymity browser, anonymous and private communication techniques between the bad guys, and clarification of how cryptocurrency is bought and sold and what you can do with it, specifically Bitcoin and Monero. Walton exceeded my expectations and was crystal clear in his response to my questions. He told me he understood this stuff in our earlier messages and proved he did in our conversation. He will be my first-line guy that I will enlist for any future questions I have about computers and the digital world. Thanks, Walton!”
–David H, crime novel author

For Businesses 

If you are a business curious about how implementing blockchain technology or cryptocurrency could benefit your business, blockchain consulting for businesses is also available.

During a business consultation, Walton will analyze your existing business practices to see which processes could be improved by usage of a blockchain. During this process, Walton is also available to answer questions about blockchains as they relate to your business and educate employees on blockchains as they relate to these goals.

Walton has experience working with foreign blockchain companies who are expanding into the English speaking market, non-profit organizations, large public health organizations, and even a public university! No matter what your business objective is, Walton can help you figure out if blockchain technology can help you better meet your objectives and exactly how so.

To complement these business consultations, Blockteq is proud to be partnered with the ON Lab development team who can develop and implement a custom blockchain based solution tailored specifically for your company’s needs. Blockteq and ON Lab are currently working on an enterprise-grade solution that enhances collaboration efforts between a local non-profit, a local health organization, and a public university and we are eager to solve more problems with this powerful new tool called blockchain!

klark, a blockchain and cryptocurrency consulting clientWalton is willing to go the extra mile and do the research necessary to complete your work and make sure it’s better than the industry standard. The crypto space is constantly evolving, so it’s really nice to have a professional on your side that is always up to date with what’s going on in the space. Highly recommend him!”
–Klark X, international client expanding blockchain business into the English speaking market. 

For more information about either type of consultation, you can visit our contact page or contact us here: