Blockchain Consulting

If you are an individual with more questions than this site can answer, or just prefer a more personal touch, you can reach out here to schedule a consultation with Walton, the creator of this site.

During a blockchain consultation, Walton can answer any questions you may have about Bitcoin, Blockchains, or Cryptocurrency and help you cultivate the knowledge and skills required to participate in the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem. These consultations are for educational purposes only, never contain investment advice and should never be considered as such.

If you are a business curious about how implementing blockchain technology or cryptocurrency could benefit your business, blockchain consulting for businesses is also available.

During a business consultation, Walton will analyze your existing business practices to see which processes could be improved by usage of a blockchain. During this process, Walton is also available to answer questions about blockchains as they relate to your business and educate employees on blockchains as they relate to these goals.

To complement these business consultations, Blockteq is proud to be partnered with the ON Lab development team who can develop and implement a custom blockchain based solution tailored specifically for your company’s needs.

For more information about either type of consultation, you can contact us here: