Blockteq Talk

Cover art for Blockteq Talk, a blockchain podcast
Blockteq Talk is a blockchain podcast that explores blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and their potential as tools to create social change by interviewing professionals who are using it just that way. You can listen to our blockchain podcast by following the links below, on Spotify, or on Apple Podcasts

Episode 1 – In the first episode of our blockchain podcast, we cover the basics of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, how they work, and why they have potential as tools to create social change.

Episode 2 – In the second episode, Tavonia Evans of Guap Coin comes on to talk about how blockchains and cryptocurrencies can help marginalized communities reclaim their power and regain economic sovereignty.

Episode 3 – In the third episode, Harrison Perl of C4Coin talks about how C4Coin is using a blockchain to create a transparent and accountable carbon credit ecosystem, and how C4 coin has created the world’s first carbon-negative blockchain.

Episode 4 – In the fourth episode of Blockteq talk, Jeff Stern of Votem talks about how Votem uses a blockchain to make elections more accessible, trustworthy, and transparent.

Episode 5 – In the fifth episode of Blockteq Talk, Daisy Ozim of the Blockchain for Social Justice Collaborative discusses how blockchains make powerful tools for social justice and the work required to ensure they are used this way.

Episode 6 – In the sixth episode of Blockteq Talk, Alex Groleau and Kyle Graden talk about their decentralized FUNdraising game, Seedom. During this episode, we cover all things Seedom, the state of the Ethereum ecosystem, and blockchain altruism.

Episode 7 – In the seventh episode of Blockteq Talk Jordan Last talks about his decentralized podcasting app, PodCrypt.