Executive Blockchain Consulting

You know that “the blockchain” is the next technological wave that will disrupt at least one significant aspect of your business, right? 

  • But do you have a plan outlined to meaningfully leverage blockchain technology in a way that will enhance the way you do business? 
  • Do you even understand what a blockchain is or have an idea as to how it would fit into your business model at all?

If you answered “no” to either of those questions, our executive blockchain consulting services were made for you and we need to talk. The simple fact is that blockchain technology is the next technological wave. Blockchains will change everything in the next ten years… the same way the internet changed everything in the 90’s. 

Right now, you have two courses of action when it comes to the impending blockchain wave.

One option is to ignore it. You can choose to believe that blockchains are just a passing fad that will not impact your business. Many businesses took this approach with the internet. 

Remember Borders Bookstores, Blockbuster, and Tower Records? We saw what the internet wave did to them and others in their industry.

If you opt to ignore the blockchain wave, it will probably crush your business, just like the internet crushed Borders Bookstores, Blockbuster, and Tower Records.

Option two is to craft a “surfboard” (a meaningful blockchain strategy) and let the blockchain wave carry your business into the future. Crafting your surfboard and riding the blockchain wave will enhance your business and the way it operates in addition to enhancing the industry that your business operates in. 

If you choose option two, your meaningful blockchain strategy will both cement you as a pioneer within your industry and ensure that you are not crushed by the impending blockchain wave. If that weren’t enough, this strategy will add security to your business to ensure that you can continue to excel at what you do best for many years to come. 

With that said, crafting a blockchain strategy is a difficult task and odds are that if you haven’t come up with one yet, you may need a little help. That’s ok! Blockteq is here to help you with our executive blockchain consulting services. We have over five years of experience in the blockchain industry and we are experts when it comes to designing corporate blockchain strategies. 

We’ve even got a step-by-step system to walk you through it:

1. Initial Consultation

One or many members of your executive team will have the opportunity to consult with me, Walton, the Founder of Blockteq who is a blockchain expert with over five years of experience in the industry.

During this consultation, you can ask any questions you may have about blockchain technology as it pertains to your organization or otherwise. We will also discuss your goals for our collaboration, and what you believe a blockchain will help you accomplish. This will shape the rest of the time we spend working together.

2. Business Systems Analysis

Moving forward with the goals we outlined together in our initial consultation, I will analyze the systems you currently have in place. During this analysis, I will explore inefficiencies that could be resolved by use of a blockchain. With this information, I will deliver a specific strategy on how a blockchain can add value and efficiency to your business.

3. Research

With the strategic insights generated from the business systems analysis in hand, I will conduct extensive research based off of these insights. This research will relate to if and how other organizations have gone about solving similar inefficiencies by using a blockchain.

If technical solutions exist for these inefficiencies, I will study them in preparation for your blockchain integration plan. If technical solutions do not already exist, I will research the building blocks required to create them.

4. Blockchain Integration Plan

After careful research, I will develop a plan to seamlessly and meaningfully integrate blockchain technology into your existing business systems. This integration could be an adaption of an existing blockchain solution, or something completely unique.

The plan will contain a detailed overview of the proposed integration. This overview includes a summary of the proposed architecture for the integration, the total cost of development and integration, recommended personnel to oversee the integration, and step by step timeline for the integration.

5. Team On-boarding

After the plan for your blockchain integration is developed, I will help you pull together the perfect team for the job.

With my long history of engagement in the blockchain industry, I am well networked with all of the most qualified blockchain professionals. I will leverage my network and connect you with the industry leaders who can craft a sound, secure, and efficient blockchain integration for your business.

6. Integration

Once your blockchain integration is developed, it is time to put it to work. This will involve deploying the integration across your business and letting it go to work.

I will be available during this step to ensure that this integration goes over smoothly. This could involve training your employees on how to use your blockchain solution, offering an explanation of the integration in lay terms to you and the rest of your executive team, answering any questions about the integration, or anything else that may come up for you during this step.

7. Post-Integration

After your blockchain integration has been up and running for enough time to generate significant data and insights, I will re-assess it keeping your original goals in mind. Once the integration has been assessed, I will deliver insights and analysis about the integration, where it is succeeding, and what should be done to continue to improve it.

That is it! Once we have walked through these steps together, your business will be fully equipped to ride the blockchain wave all the way into the future. This will give you the security to continue to do whatever it is that you do best and do it with a newfound peace of mind that can only come with preparing for the impact of the next technological revolution.

Are you ready to get started with executive blockchain consulting? Do you have questions about how executive blockchain consulting can help you specifically? Great! You can book a free 30-minute discovery call about your specific needs by sending an email to walton@blockteq.com, or by filling out the contact form below I look forward to hearing from you!