Individual Blockchain Consulting

If you are an individual with more questions than this site can answer, or just prefer a more personal touch, you can reach out here to schedule one-on-one blockchain consulting with Walton, the creator of this site.

A stock photo depicting one-on-one blockchain consulting

During a blockchain consultation, Walton can answer any questions you may have about Bitcoin, Blockchains, or Cryptocurrency and help you cultivate the knowledge and skills required to participate in the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Blockchain consulting can be helpful to people at all phases of their learning journey. Whether you are already passionate about blockchains and crypto, are a blockchain and cryptocurrency skeptic, or brand new to the ecosystem our consultations are right for you. Because our consulting services are personalized, you will be met exactly where you are at, and obtain value that is unique to you and your situation.

Walton has experience providing consultations for a wide array of individuals including people interested in simply learning for the sake of learning, people looking to diversify their retirement portfolio, and even an author of a crime novel! These consultations are for educational purposes only, never contain investment advice and should never be considered as such.

Are you ready to get started? We offer a free 30-minute initial consultation to assess if our services are right for you. This free consultation is exactly what it sounds like, not a sales pitch, just a time where you get to pick the brain of a blockchain and cryptocurrency expert about whatever you may be wondering. Book your free 30-minute initial consultation by sending an email to, or by filling out the contact form below. I look forward to hearing from you!

Lastly, if you run a business, make sure to check out our Executive Blockchain Consulting services to learn about how blockchain technology can enhance your business.