Other Cryptocurrency Resources

While we have a bunch of great cryptocurrency resources here on blockteq.com to help you become an expert on blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and all related topics, it can help to check out other good, free cryptocurrency resources.

Fortunately, there are tons of other awesome, free resources informing on the topics of Bitcoin, Blockchains, and Cryptocurrencies! Here is a list of some of our favorite blockchain and cryptocurrency resources.

Quick Reads

Bitcoin Explained Like I’m Five – The most basic explanation of Bitcoin and its blockchain that is humanly possible.

Bitcoin Explained – An illustrated explanation of Bitcoin and its blockchain for people over the age of five.

Bitcoin is Like – A short piece describing how Bitcoin is both like and unlike various things we are all familiar with.

Cryptocurrency Explained – A basic, illustrated explanation of cryptocurrency, including basic explanations of seven popular non-bitcoin cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain Explained – An illustrated explanation of how a blockchain works with 10 examples of what a blockchain can be used for.

Cryptocurrency and Taxes: A Starter Guide – This resource has the basics on what you need to know when it comes to cryptocurrency and taxes.

Longer Reads

What is Cryptocurrency: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners – This excellent and easy to digest guide on cryptocurrency covers all you need to know in a well thought out and readable manner. Covering everything from the underlying technology, to it’s popular implementaions, and even busting some comon myths, this guide has it all. This is one of our favorite┬á and most highly reccomended resources. Consider it a must read!

Women in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain – This extensive guide lays out everything you need to know on a very important topic which is of course, women in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. It includes an introduction to the topic, inspiration for women in the blockchain space, some awesome blockchain education, and much more. Check it out!!

Cryptocurrency and Blockchcain for Teachers – This guide details every question you may have about how to teach to a younger audience on this tricky topic. No matter what age range you are leading education for, this guide will help you do it.

Things to Watch

Bitcoin for Beginners – In this YouTube playlist Bitcoin expert Andreas Antonopoulos gives clear explanations of every aspect of Bitcoin in terms that anyone can understand.

Banking on Bitcoin – An entertaining documentary on how Bitcoin works combined with the story of iitshistory and culture.

The Bitcoin Phenomenon – The story of Bitcoin told through interviews with long time bitcoiners.


Crypto 101 – A podcast which introduces and explains some basic blockchain and cryptocurrency concepts.

Unchained – A podcast covering all aspects of blockchain and cryptocurrency through interviews with blockchain industry leaders. Beginners should check out this episode which explains the basics of blockchains and cryptocurrencies, and this episode which gives good basic information on the basics of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Unconfirmed – This is a short form podcast (usually around 30 minutes per episode) which is good for staying up to date with the latest goings on in the crypto space.

Other Educational Sites

Buy Bitcoin X – This site is an excelent and comprehensive resource on the basics of Bitcoin and how to buy it.

Positive Blockchain – This site has a huge list of blockchain projects that are making a positive impact as well as a “resources” section with a bunch of great resources.

Reading List

The Bitcoin Whitepaper – Published in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, this whitepaper first introduced Bitcoin to the world. While this is definitely a technical piece of writing, it is well worth the read even if you only understand 1/20th of it.

Mastering Bitcoin – A technical, but highly informative guide to every aspect of Bitcoin, its blockchain, and how it works. Like the Bitcoin whitepaper, this book is worth reading even if some of the technical aspects of it go completely over your head. The first link is to buy the book, but the author has also put it up for free on GitHub here.

The Internet of Money Vol. 1 – This book is a collection of talks by Andreas Antonopoulos where he explains Bitcoin, why it is important, and the philosophy behind it.

The Internet of Money Vol. 2 – Like volume one, this book is collection of more recent talks by Andreas Antonopoulos in which he elaborates on Bitcoin, why it is important, and the philosophy behind it.

The Business Blockchain – This book explains blockchain technology and it’s applications in the world of business. If you are curious about how blockchain technology might change the business world over the next five to ten years, this is the book to read.

The Starfish and the Spider – While this book was written before Bitcoin, blockchain technology, or cryptocurrencies existed, it does a great job of explaining decentralized organizations and their power. Because the decentralized structure of blockchain technology is a large part of what makes it so useful, this history of decentralization provides great insight into understanding blockchain technology and its potential usefulness.