How Bitcoin Works (non technical)

Now that you know what Bitcoin is and what purpose it serves, you’re probably wondering how on earth it works. Here is the best non technical explanation of the process.

How Blockchains Work

Going beyond Bitcoin, the revolutionary technology that makes Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies function is called “the blockchain”. This is a simple and generalized video about blockchains and how they work.

How Can Blockchains be Used?

Going beyond how blockchains work, this video explores how blockchains can be used by giving nine real world examples. While there are many other uses for blockchains, these can help you imagine how blockchains are useful.

Smart Contracts Explained

Smart contracts are one of the main reasons why blockchain technology useful. This video explains what a smart contract is and how it works.

What is Bitcoin

Taken straight from the homepage, this is the most simple, straightforward intro to Bitcoin there ever was. Because Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency and first blockchain, learning about Bitcoin is a great way to learn the basics of how cryptocurrencies work and what function they serve.